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How do I find the username, password and account number for my trading panel?2023-02-21T00:27:42+03:30

At the time of registration and account opening, an email containing the above information will be sent to you by the broker, and if needed, you can refer to it and see the said information again.
If you did not find that email by searching for Climax Prime in your inbox, it is better to search the Spam, Junk and Promotion folders as well.

What documents can we provide to confirm the residence address?2023-02-21T00:27:01+03:30

For this purpose, you will have the following options and it is enough to provide one of them that is in your name:

  • Water, electricity, gas or telephone bills
  • home document
  • Car green card
  • Car insurance policy
  • Official house lease
  • Health insurance booklet
  • Bank account printout stamped by the bank
Are utility bills or property documents in my father’s name accepted to verify residence?2023-02-21T00:26:10+03:30

Yes, these documents are accepted by Climax Prime as proof of your residence

What deposit and withdrawal methods do we have access to for financial communication with the broker?2023-02-21T00:25:39+03:30

For this purpose, we support various methods, all of which are suitable for Iranian users:

  • Rial deposit and withdrawal
  • Using the Top Change exchange – this possibility is temporarily disabled
  • Perfect Money electronic transfer
  • Using Tether digital currency (Tether TRC20)
  • Using USDC digital currency
When is required to confirm deposit and withdrawal transactions?2023-02-21T00:24:37+03:30

If you register a deposit or withdrawal request during office hours (Monday to Friday), Climax Prime’s technical team will approve your request within 15 minutes to 1 hour. But if your request is registered on holidays or non-office hours, this process will be a little longer, but it will be processed in less than 24 hours.

What trading accounts do we have access to in Climax Prime?2023-02-21T00:24:06+03:30

A suitable variety of trading accounts are presented as follows, which differ in terms of characteristics and trading conditions:

  • Cent account
  • Standard account
  • ECN account
  • Prime account

    For more information, you can refer to the types of trading accounts page on the Climax Prime website.

Is it possible to access MetaTrader 4?2023-02-21T00:23:08+03:30

No, due to the fact that this version of the Metatrader platform is currently not updated and provided by Meta Quotes, in this broker it is only possible to make transactions with version 5 of this platform.

Can someone else withdraw money from our account in the broker?2023-02-21T00:22:33+03:30

All withdrawal steps, including its final confirmation, are done in the user panel, so if someone else has access to your username and password, they can do it.
We suggest that you take the security of your account seriously and change your password regularly if possible.

What are the terms of cooperation with broker Climax Prime?2023-02-21T00:21:33+03:30

For this purpose, there are very simple rules, and with a few steps, you can be our partner (IB) and earn money from the transactions that your customers make.
For more information on cooperation with us, you can refer to the cooperation page with Climax Prime.

Can I change my identifier (IB) while using the service?2023-02-21T00:20:23+03:30

Yes, for this purpose, you can change your identification code in the user panel and in the profile section. Keep in mind that after changing the identifier code, you will not be able to return to the previous identifier code for 1 month.

How to download Metatrader 5 suitable for Climax Prime trading account?2023-02-21T00:19:38+03:30

For your convenience, we have provided the download link of this version of the trading platform below:

Download MetaTrader 5 Climax Prime

What is the difference between Master and Investor passwords?2023-02-21T00:18:41+03:30

You can use both of these passwords to enter Metatrader, but they have a small difference:

  • With the Master password, you can do forex transactions
  • With the Investor password, you will not be able to make a transaction and you can only review transaction records
Why is my account still not charged in the broker after the deposit operation?2023-02-21T00:17:08+03:30

In this case, you have made the deposit but have not registered it to be checked and approved by the broker’s financial team. To register a deposit, proceed as follows:

  • Enter your user panel and click on the finance option in the main menu
  • In this section, click on deposit and from the available options, choose the same method that you used for deposit (for example, Perfect Money or…)
  • By choosing the deposit method, a new page will open for you, where you need to enter the deposit transaction information (amount, receipt number, etc.) and press the register button.

    After these steps, your transaction will be referred to the finance team for review and approval.

What is hash code and where can I access it?2023-02-21T00:15:51+03:30
A hash code is a unique code consisting of numbers and English letters that is used to identify digital currency transactions. For example, when you deposit to the Tether broker wallet account, you can copy the hash code in the transaction details section and enter it in the form completion section in the user panel so that your transaction is recognized and confirmed in the broker’s financial report.
Which Climax Prime services are offered on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)?2023-02-21T00:14:45+03:30

As you know, Forex trading is closed these days, but the following services will still be available:

  • Telephone, email or messenger support services
  • Account deposit service

Keep in mind that the deposit and withdrawal process takes longer on weekdays than on weekdays.

Why do we encounter an error when entering the user ID and password in the trading platform?2023-02-21T00:13:22+03:30

We suggest you watch the short video below that is related to accessing the trading platform. This video file has been uploaded to Aparat and YouTube with the following links:
Training to access Climax Prime trading platform (Aparat)
Training to access Climax Prime trading platform (YouTube)
Check that all accounts have been transferred to climaxprime-server and if the problem still persists, you can contact the support unit.

Where is Climax broker registered and regulated and where is its headquarters?2023-02-21T00:09:34+03:30

This brokerage is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and has the regulation of St. Vincent and therefore is subject to the laws of this jurisdiction in financial activities. Also, the headquarters of this brokerage is located in England and London.
To view our legal documents, you can refer to Climax Prime’s legal documents page.

What is the maximum waiting time for withdrawal transactions?2023-02-21T00:06:27+03:30

Our colleagues in the financial department carry out financial transactions from 10:00 a.m. Tehran time. After your payment transaction is confirmed, you will have a maximum of 24 hours to receive the payment.

How to download MetaTrader 5 for iPhone?2023-02-21T00:05:29+03:30

This version of MetaTrader is currently being updated by Meta Quotes Company and has been removed from the Apple Store. It is better to be patient and use alternative versions such as online or Windows versions to solve this problem.

Can I register more than one wallet in the user panel?2023-02-21T00:03:06+03:30

No, due to security issues and ease of handling accounts, it will be possible to register only one wallet for each deposit or withdrawal method.

How can I change the approved wallet in the user panel?2023-02-21T00:02:05+03:30

Log in to your user panel and register a ticket for the financial unit through it, in which your request to change the wallet and the number of the new wallet are mentioned.

What are the general rules governing bonus plans?2023-02-21T00:00:27+03:30

Incentive plans are provided periodically and each has its own rules, but the amount deposited into your account under the title of bonus will be subject to the following general rules:

  • The limit of deposit bonus per deposit will be 2000 dollars
  • Bonus amounts cannot be withdrawn from your account, but you can use them in your transactions
  • During losses in transactions, bonus amounts will be deducted as your account balance (they are subject to loss).
  • If you withdraw the original amount from the account, the bonus in that account will also be removed
How do I provide the identifier code (related to my account) to new traders so that I can earn money from their trades?2023-02-20T23:58:56+03:30

In the cooperation plan of Climax Prime, you can play the role of an IB and receive an amount as a commission from the broker from the transactions of the people you introduce to the broker.
For this purpose, go to your user panel and the collaboration section. In this section you will find a code and a link.

If your client does not have an account in Climax Prime yet, you can send him the existing link so that he can register through it. In this case, your cooperation code will be automatically registered in his user panel.
However, if your client has already opened an account in Climax Prime, it is necessary to send him your cooperation code so that he can enter it in his user panel and register you as his representative.

What are the methods of depositing and withdrawing from the account in Climax Prime?2023-02-20T23:57:48+03:30
  • Rial deposit and withdrawal
  • Using the Top Change exchange – this possibility is temporarily disabled
  • Perfect Money electronic transfer
  • Using Tether digital currency (Tether TRC20)
  • Using USDC digital currency
What are the steps of withdrawing from the account in Climax Prime?2023-02-20T23:56:26+03:30

For this purpose, it is enough to do the following two steps:

  • Transfer the desired amount from your trading account to your Climax wallet
  • Next, transfer the desired amount from the Climax wallet to your personal account or wallet
How is Riyali Climax Prime charged and what are its steps?2023-02-20T23:54:35+03:30

For this purpose, valid exchanges of the contracting party with the broker are used, and the work procedure will be as follows:

  • Contact our support team from Monday to Friday (12:00 to 17:00) to receive the dollar transfer rate and account number for deposit.
  • Deposit money to the provided account
  • Contact the support unit and provide the receipt of the transfer of funds

    Keep in mind that it is not possible to use this method on Saturdays and Sundays due to the lack of remittance rates. Also, due to the cooperation of exchanges, this method may take a little more time than charging methods with digital currency or Perfect. be Mani

How is rial withdrawal from the account and what are the steps?2023-02-20T23:20:22+03:30

For this purpose, the exchanges of the contracting parties are similarly used, and the steps are as follows:

  • Contact the Climax Prime support unit to get the conversion rate of the reference currency to Rial
  • Rial deposit to your verified account in the user panel

This possibility will not exist on Saturdays and Sundays due to the lack of currency conversion rates, and due to the cooperation with exchanges, it may require more time than withdrawing using cryptocurrency or Perfect Money methods.

How is the deposit made using the Top Change method and what are the steps?2023-02-20T23:15:35+03:30

For this purpose, do the following steps in order:
Step 1: Enter your user panel and select the deposit option in the financial affairs section
Step 2: Click on the Top Change deposit option and copy the Climax Prime wallet number in the window that opens.
Step 3: Enter the Top Change website and make the deposit using the wallet number
Step 4: After depositing, get the transaction tracking code from Top Change and register it in our user panel as follows:

Re-enter the deposit page with Top Change in the financial section of your user panel and fill in the available items in the order below.

First item: Select the wallet
Second item: enter the deposited amount here

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