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Free VPS Server

If you create an account with Climax Prime and make a minimum deposit of $500, you will be eligible to get a free and high-quality VPS. We will offer you a pre-configured VPS running of the operating systems and MetaTrader. Our customers may use the trading terminal as if they were trading directly from their own computers by connecting to a remote terminal whose server is located in close proximity to a trading server.

VPS, which is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server, provides customers with more stability as a result of the quick and safe trading environment that is provided by the server. It ensures that customers have continuous and ongoing access to the internet, protecting them from a variety of difficulties that may occur while trading, including power outages and network issues.

VPS Hardware Configurations

Terms and conditions

Accounts with a minimum balance of $500 are eligible for a free virtual private server (VPS) (excluding bonuses).

The customer’s account must have a monthly trading volume of at least 3 lots; if the monthly trading volume is less than this level, a $5 monthly VPS charge will be taken from the customer’s account each month.

Only currency pairings, gold, and silver are included in the calculation of trading volume; all other trade symbols are excluded from the calculation.In addition, if the customer trades less than three lots per month, $5 will be taken from the client’s principal account balance to cover the cost of the VPS service.

The account balance must be at least $500, minus any incentives.

The VPS server is provided with the Administrator password and full access to the client; nevertheless, the customer is solely responsible for the usage of the VPS, and Climax Prime assumes no responsibility for inappropriate use of the VPS and any resulting damages.

Climax Prime has the right to modify the terms and circumstances of obtaining a free VPS at any time and without previous notification to you.