100% Deposit Bonus

In this promotion, you can have twice the amount you deposit in your account. Although this amount is not withdrawable, you can use it for FOREX trading, and even in case of losses, you can use the bonus amount. This promotion has a few simple rules as follows:

  • The maximum amount of this bonus is $5000. This means that if you charge your account with $5000, you can get extra $5000, as a bonus. Thus, you have a $10000 account balance for trading.

  • After using this bonus, 50% of your trading profits will belong to the broker, so it is necessary to have higher position size with the double amount you have.

  • In case of losses in trades, your account will not be subjected to margin call until it reaches $10000. Therefore, this bonus is tradeable, and losable.

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Transfer profit from demo account to real account

A demo account is only a practice account for FOREX traders to gain experience or test trading strategies. It is common to wish that the profits made in a demo account could be transferred to a real account. The good news is that at Climax Prime, we allow you to transfer profits made in your demo account to your real account.

To take advantage of this attractive promotion, follow these steps:

  • First, open a demo account with a maximum capital of $10,000.

  • Trade successfully with this account for 5 days and make a profit.

  • On the fifth day, close your positions and open a real account (cent or standard).

  • Charge your real account with the amount of profit made in your demo account or more.

  • Contact our support team to transfer your demo account profits to your real account.

Demo Account Bonus Rules:

  • The bonus amount in your account cannot be withdrawn, but you can use it in your trades.

  • In case of losses in trades, the bonus amount is deducted from your account as a real balance (losable bonus).

  • The demo account should not have a balance of more than $10,000.

  • Your real account must be charged with an amount equal to or greater than the profit in your demo account.

  • After finishing trades in the demo account, you have only 5 days to open and charge your real account.

  • In case of incorrect use and engaging in fraudulent activities with the bonus amount, Climax Prime reserves the right to block the user’s trading account and withdraw all paid bonus amounts without prior notice.

  • For every lot traded in the real account, you can receive $3 of the bonus amount as a withdrawable balance.

  • The maximum bonus amount for the demo account is $2,500.

Please get in touch with our support team if you want to deposit less than the profit in your demo account. It is worth noting that it is necessary to have trades open for more than 5 minutes to release the bonus for withdrawal.

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Transfer Account with Open Positions to Climax Prime Broker

In this promotion, you can transfer your trading account to Climax Prime broker, even if you have open positions with other brokers, and receive 25% of your account balance as losable trading credit and a gift from us.

To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Register in Climax Prime broker.

  • Complete the identity verification process in your personal cabinet and open a real account.

  • Contact our support team to have your account transferred.

Please note that transferring an account with open positions is only possible on Saturdays and Sundays when the market is closed, as your positions must remain fixed and unchanged during the transfer.

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Promotion for Introducing Climax Prime to Friends

In this promotion, you can receive $50 as a gift for every person you introduce to the broker, subject to some simple rules.

The rules and conditions of this plan are as follows:

  • The person you introduce will have one month to open a live account with Climax Prime.

  • After the introduced person completes one lot of trading, you will receive $50.

  • The validity period of this bonus in trading accounts is 90 days.

  • This bonus amount cannot be withdrawn, but it can be traded and can be lost.

  • If you completely withdraw your trading account, the bonus amounts will also be lost.

  • IBs are not eligible to use this promotion.

  • For each lot of trading in your account, you can withdraw $2 from the bonus amounts.

  • This bonus is paid once for each introduced person who opens a live account, and you will not receive any commissions from their future trades

  • Your name and information about this promotion will be provided to the introduced person when they open a live account, and they will be informed that you introduced them.

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10% Deposit Bonus

  • The bonus for each deposit is up to 2000 dollars.

  • The bonus can be lost but cannot be withdrawn.

  • With the withdrawal of interest, the bonus remains in the account.

  • By withdrawing the principal amount, the bonus will be removed from the account.

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